Tips for winding mountain pass only

I had spent 3 days discovering Ha Giang, Vietnam together with my colleagues. We got a very exciting trip and unforgettable mighty scenes. There are hundreds kilometer of rocky mountains and several spotting farming areas from above. It seems like we can walk for couples of minutes to move from this top to another one but in fact, it takes us from 1 to 2 hours driving. During the trip, I made myself some lessons that we should definitely consider to turn our trips into a real wonderful holiday, and now I am gonna share with you guys, I hope you can read and learn something from these.

winding pass in Ha Giang

1.Be healthy.

It takes you nearly 8 hours from Hanoi to Ha Giang, so you will be on car for nearly a half of a day. Some people who are not good enough can be sick. I am that one. I feel like I am able to throw up anytime. And sadly but true, I did when I got off at the hotel. Why you need to care of it? Imagine that when you are too serious of your head, you have no time to think about other like sightseeing, weather, food or even who is sitting next to you. The only thing you care is when you arrive to vomit. And that’s not a complete trip because you do nothing called visiting. Your head must spin all the time. I bet. So next day, I grab some medicine that are anti-sicking on car including some ginseng, B15, ans so on. I do feel better. You can ask your guides to help you buy some.

Hagiang magnificent pass

2.Be calm

On rocky mountains, there are always winding and high passes. Sitting at the first row of seats but I hardly see nothing towards due to the cliffs. The roads turns left and down suddenly, and sometimes you have no idea about which side you can go until the end of the road. And sometimes when go uphills, you can scream at yourself as if you went up instead of going towards. I maybe an illusive one or even I little exaggerate but your car goes vertically. So don’t be panic and keep calm to help the driver calm, too.

hagiang winding road

3.Be prepared

This is sub-heading for dealing with sudden changing weather in Ha Giang. I saw the weather forecast at the previous night in Hanoi and It told me that it will be very cold, wet and rainy. So I grab mostly jackets, jumpers, super thick coat, and 4 pairs of thick socks, too. However, on rocky areas, the weather is always sunny and dry. Lucky me I brought a T-shirt and I had to wear it for 2 days. It a little bit cool at the end of day and early in the morning. So just bring one coat or jumper. One of my Italian co-visitor, he always feels cold and always says to the driver “Turn off the air-conditioner”, and of course he wears jacket all the time. That means you need to prepare suitable clothes for your trip.

That is only preparation for being healthy when you are in mountainous areas. If you do love preparing more, ask Vietnam Typical Tours or click Travel Guides or Destinations on this page.