Meo Vac Market – an idea for gathering

Every Sunday, a unique hundred-year-old upland fair named Meo Vac in Ha Giang province is again hustling and bustling. Tourist can be easy to see hill tribal groups such as: Flower H’Mong, Dzao, Tay,etc., from villages around gather here. The market is an ideal place for you to experience ethnic culture in the Northern mountainous region in your journey to Vietnam. Markets in the region of Ha Giang are famous for their picturesque and colorful sides and the fact that they are frequented by ethnic minorities in the region. In Dong Van to Meo Vac as, visitors will be dazzled by the colorful traditional costumes of the mountain. Most of the customs of local ethnic groups have remained unchanged for centuries.

meo vac market

Meo Vac ethnic market is not only a place to do business or exchange the goods and purchase cattle but also an expected meeting point of ethnic minority groups to chat and drink alcohol, enjoy local foods. The indispensable thing of the market are home-made corn alcohol, Thang Co, five color sticky rice. Despite not being a slave of shopping, you can’t take your eyes off the material stalls, clothes, which are woven by local people. A colorful suit or brocade dress is always the top choice of souvenir for many tourists.
People leave worries about poverty, hunger behind them and indulge in the noisy and busy air of market. This is a special chance for them to relax and to recover their energy after hard-working days. The optimistic spirit is a key factor which helps Meo Vac ethnic market conserved through many generations.

hustle meo vac market

The village of Dong Van is nestled in the heart of Dong Van Plateau Rocky. The original architecture of the houses is: floor paved with stones, mud wall and tiled roof double. The market area is a neighborhood lined with houses that have sometimes 200 years … This is the old quarter of Dong Van. Early, Hmong men and women, accompanied by horses loaded with goods, down from the high ridges. They sell their produce and buy. Women take care of business while the men maintain their relationships. Negotiations are well underway as the market is empty, they congregate and fill the atmosphere of harmonious sounds of their khenes. Or, they feast on “thang co”, the favorite dish of the mountain, while drinking until heaven and earth seem to merge them. Then, slowly, their women are loading on the backs of horses they follow with a light step on the way home.

visitors in Meo Vac, Ha giang

To get from Dong Van to Meo Vac, it must pass through the top of Ma Pi Leng. Since the summit, weather permitting, you can enjoy an incredible view. In this country, the rice fields are planted in terraces of remarkable beauty: when the grain is ripe rice takes a golden color making the scenery even more beautiful and mysterious!
This market is held only on Sunday morning. Buyers will find fabrics including linen, tinted with indigo, for sale. They used to make the traditional outfits. This is especially raw fabrics, without embroidery. Minority women in Meo Vac are not the most colorful. They usually wear a dark skirt, a blouse and a scarf tied in different ways, depending on ethnicity. This is their main splash of color.
The men, meanwhile, are dressed in black and some still wear the beret, remember the French occupation.
To date, Dong Van and Meo Vac are little visited by tourists (because of the distance between Hanoi this Northern Plateau) and mainly attract travelers and photographers who want to experience adventure and exotic landscapes and authentic. But don’t worry, even you are not interested in remote areas, Vietnam Typical Tours still has many Destinations that fit you much. Contact us if you need more help.