Do you know about Ha Giang’s ‘poisonous’ porridge treats ?

Travelling to Ha Giang, you will know about many unique dishes that visitors cannot forget.

One dish which is very popular among locals and easy to find, but visitors, especially those making their debut in the province, find it intimidating because it is called “poisonous porridge.”

Do you know about Ha Giang’s ‘poisonous’ porridge treats ?

One of its main ingredients gives the dish a bitter taste, and people warn you that it can cause harm if not made well, but its popularity and ubiquitous presence in the city shows it is worth checking out.

Bowl of “au tau” porridge looks very attractive by the harmony between rice, herbs, meat… Cooking “au tau” porridge is not simple. “Au tau” after washing in the water, it is stewed during 4 hours. Glutinous rice mixed with some rice then soak into stewed water of pig’s trotters and “au tau”. Add a little spice. The porridge has bitter taste so that people call bitter porridge.

Au tau, scientifically known as Aconitum, is a root found in high mountainous areas. Locals in Ha Giang are experts in using expert au tau, they know how to eliminate the poison in the root and combine it with rice, making it a dish that is actually healthy, helping ease joint pain and aiding sleep.

So, it can be said that porridge is a specialty of the region. A trip to Ha Giang is not complete without having a bowl of au tau porridge !