Ha Giang Smoked Pork sticks you to stay longer

In Dong Van, Ha Giang province, each house must have a dark grey tiled roof, moss-green walls and a peach tree at its front. Visitors  usually come to Ha Giang for the scenery, but always stay for the smoked ham – a dish which is magical for the “foodaholic”. Let Vietnam Typical Tours help you to discover this unique dish.

Hagiang's smoked ham

Different from the Western smoked pork that is cooked by machinery, the smoked meat in Ha Giang is cooked by putting it on top of a fire to absorb the cooking smoke. The pork will absorb the smoke until the skin looks burned and the fat layer turns transparent. Dong Van people will take it down and roughly boil it in hot water before cooking it into different dishes. It is the heat from firewood and its smoke that give the pork the fragrance and the excellent taste.

smoked ham in Dong Van, Ha Giang

The preparation before smoking the meat is complex and requires skillful chefs. After the pig is killed, its meat is cut into many small pieces. The meat pieces are then salted, mixed with alcohol and water from a special type of leaf from the forest. The marinated meat is put in a sealed pan for 3-4 days. Then the meat is cleaned again by hot water and dried before putting on the top of the pot. The heat from the fire and smoke make the meat shrink and the fat to melt, so that the pork becomes stiffer. The lean meat is rough on the outside but juicy and soft inside, while the fat is less fatty. Smoked pork in Ha Giang can be used to make many delicious dishes. It can be fried with ginger or other vegetables, but it is best to fry with forest leaves or soybean sprouts.

tasty smoked pork

Apart from smoked pork, people in Dong Van, Ha Giang are also famous for China Sausages. H’mong people also make sausages at home. They stuff chopped lean meat and fat and spices into the pig’s intestine, tie up and put the sausage on top of the cooking fire. Although it looks somehow the same as pork but its taste is absolutely fabulous. Is it worth to try it out and have your time of your life in Ha Giang?, Join us and see more distinctive cuisine in Ha Giang, Vietnam