Ha Giang Buckwheat massive blossom seasons

The northernmost province of Ha Giang, which has the largest area under buckwheat in the north-western region, will organise the first ever buckwheat flower festival in early October when fields in full bloom and look most beautiful. The festival will be held in Dong Van District together with a H’Mong panpipe festival, a tourism fair, and a photo exhibition about the Dong Van Karst Plateau, a member of the Global Network of National Geoparks. Buckwheat flowers are small and turn from light pink to light purple several days after blooming. Their beauty has attracted a large number of tourists to Ha Giang’s buckwheat flower fields in recent years. Let Vietnam Typical Tours leads you to this heaven.

buckwheat bloom in Ha Giang
The province plans to bring more under the plant in Dong Van District, including in seven communes that are popular tourism spots.
Ha Giang is a province in Northeast Vietnam which is not only famous for rice terrace fields but also wild flower called Hoa Tam Giac Mach (purple triangular flowers) on October and November yearly which attract more and more nature lovers on their journey to discover the beauty of Vietnam Travel. Yes the ideal time to discover the wild beauty of this region is on October and November yearly in Ha Giang. It is the wonderful road when you travel along the road with ripping rice terrace fields. The fields are the art picture that hill tribe people made and the symbol of local people in North Vietnam. Tam Giac Mach Flower is the unique one of Northeast Vietnam which you can have chance to see it once of year. You will see by your eyes the wild flowers’ fields are blooming unlimited among the mountains. It is fantastic to see purple triangular flowers on hill slides, rice fields, along the roads or beside old houses; you are as the lost people among the triangular flowers’ fields. Tens of thousands flowers in small size look like as purple rains to the horizon. The beautiful of green leaves, mountain together with the light purple of flowers which make an amazing landscape as you walk to a dream. It is as your dream as you see on TV for these sights at Europe. Just come here and see it you can have the real surprise and feeling of this beauty. Moreover you will be amazing for the wild and peaceful beauty of Vietnam.

Once standing among the flower field you will feel you are very small among the nature and see it closer. When you get this area besides see natural landscapes, you have the opportunity to interact with local hill tribe, taste their traditional and special cuisines such as thang co food, dried buffalo, five color rice…In combination of Vietnam tour to Ha Giang, you can see more famous destination in Ha Giang such as Dong Van Stone Plateau, Lung Cu Flag Tower which is the North Pole of Vietnam plus traditional ancient house that make the special of this mountainous region. This flower is blooming in one month and stretch from North Vietnam such as Simaica, Bat Xat, Bac Ha, MuongKhuong, Tra Linh, ect but the most famous still Ha Giang with unlimited flower fields. And there are many other places in Ha Giang which is very ideal for you to come and enjoy the beauties of this flower including Lung Cam village of Lung Sa valley, Lung Tao with the view to rolling mountain Ma Le, Dong Van, Ma Pi Leng.

On the way to Ha Giang, you will see the most along 4c Highway of Dong Van District, along two sides of the road from Xi Man to Hoang Su Phi that attracts you for the spectacular road.
Normally, buckwheat flowers are in blossom in October & November in Ha Giang Province and in March & April in Bac Giang Province. Hence, if you want to see buckwheat flower season, you should visit Bac Giang Province in April, instead of Ha Giang as your planning. In addition to admiring the beauty of buckwheat flowers, you should try wine and cake made from them, it is very special. Our Destinations are willing to provide you with many attractive destinations that you shouldn’t miss.