All About Khau Vai Love Market

preparation for-Khau-Vai-love-market This is a famous love market of Vietnam’s northern mountainous region, which will bring you unforgettable emotions of love and local lifestyle once you take part in. Ha Giang Khau Vai love market , also known as ” affluent market ” has been a long time in Ha Giang. Market is where lovers meet again after […]

Ha Giang favorite and famous fairs

ha giang session market Markets in Ha Giang always attract tourists because they are not just places for buying and selling, they are also meeting places for local ethnic minority people. Early in the morning, Meo Vac district of Ha Giang province is blanketed with fog. All the roads to the markets are noisy with people calling one another […]

Meo Vac Market – an idea for gathering

visitors in Meo Vac, Ha giang Every Sunday, a unique hundred-year-old upland fair named Meo Vac in Ha Giang province is again hustling and bustling. Tourist can be easy to see hill tribal groups such as: Flower H’Mong, Dzao, Tay,etc., from villages around gather here. The market is an ideal place for you to experience ethnic culture in the Northern mountainous […]

Are you curious of “Back fairs” in Ha Giang?

chợ lùi Hà Giang Instead of 7 days to take a session, the fair will have a meeting taking place every 6 days, the next week will be shorter to have another fair from the previous week. There are only four markets having such special traits on Ha Giang Stone Plateau. In Ha Giang, there are many markets that […]

Distinctive Meo Vac Domestic Animals Market in Ha Giang

Ha Giang cattle market The northernmost province of Ha Giang continues to mesmerize visitors not only for its imposing stone plateaus but also because of the unique market displays by the local ethnic groups. The cow market in Meo Vac district, which convenes every Sunday, showcases the unique cultural identity of the Mong, Dao and Lo lo ethnic groups. […]