Ma Pi Leng Pass – Above the clouds

ma pi leng above clouds It seems a crazy notion to go to Ha Giang Province at this time of the year when the sunshine is absent and the whole mountainous region is blanked in mist, clouds and chill. However, walking among the clouds is an amazing experience that tourists and expatriates should consider. Ha Giang is a beautiful area […]

Tips for winding mountain pass only

hagiang winding road I had spent 3 days discovering Ha Giang, Vietnam together with my colleagues. We got a very exciting trip and unforgettable mighty scenes. There are hundreds kilometer of rocky mountains and several spotting farming areas from above. It seems like we can walk for couples of minutes to move from this top to another one […]

An Interesting Quan Ba Twin Mountains Myth

Quang Ba Ha Giang Quan Ba Twin Mountain is a beautiful symbols of the Dong Van highland, which is the crystalline beauty of nature and tectonic. With this value, the mountain is recognized the national scenic spot by the Ministry of Culture Sport and tourism Vietnam. This is also a pride point to Dong Van highland is more attractive […]

Ma Pi Leng pass – the way to the Heaven’s Gate

Ha Giang MaPiLeng1 The Ma Pi Leng Pass is a high mountain pass at an elevation of 1.500 m (4,921 ft) above the sea level, and approximately 200 kilometers at length situated between Dong Van and Meo Vac, two towns in the far North of Vietnam, close to the border with China. It’s said to be the most astonishing […]

Vuong Family’s Mansion Legendary

The-Mansion-of-Vuong-Family Recognized as a national architectural and artistic relic in 1993, the mansion of Vuong family is an architectural masterpiece of the Mong ethnic people living in Dong Van karst plateau. The mansion is a must-visit place that tourists in Vietnam travel should not skip on their tour in a mountainous province of Ha Giang. Located […]

Lung Cu Flagpole-representative of Vietnam’s north supermacy

Lung Cu Flagpole Tower Located in Lung Cu Commune – the north pole of Vietnam, belonging to Dong Van District, Ha Giang Province, about 160km to the north-east of Ha Giang City, Lung Cu Flag Tower is built in the peak of Rong (Dragon) Mountain at an altitude of nearly 1,700m. This is the landmark with important historical significance, […]

One day at the earliest Nam Dan Stone Field

Nam-Dan-old-stone-field The old stone field of Nam Dan was found in 2004 by scientists from the Institute of Archeology and the Ha Giang Museum. This thousand year-old stone field inside the valley of Nam Dan has not been known widely by the visitors, but the beauty of the runic symbols on the rocks is very fascinating. […]

Dong Van’s hundred-year-old-quarter

dong van old quarter from distance Dong Van old quarter-100 years old located in Dong Van District, Dong Van, Ha Giang. With the ancient architecture, it still keeps intact contour. Dong Van old quarter is the pride of people here. The lifestyle and daily life of ethnic people such as: Kinh, Tay, Mong, Hoa… is very impressive. Dong Van Town is […]

All About Khau Vai Love Market

preparation for-Khau-Vai-love-market This is a famous love market of Vietnam’s northern mountainous region, which will bring you unforgettable emotions of love and local lifestyle once you take part in. Ha Giang Khau Vai love market , also known as ” affluent market ” has been a long time in Ha Giang. Market is where lovers meet again after […]

Ha Giang favorite and famous fairs

ha giang session market Markets in Ha Giang always attract tourists because they are not just places for buying and selling, they are also meeting places for local ethnic minority people. Early in the morning, Meo Vac district of Ha Giang province is blanketed with fog. All the roads to the markets are noisy with people calling one another […]