All About Khau Vai Love Market

This is a famous love market of Vietnam’s northern mountainous region, which will bring you unforgettable emotions of love and local lifestyle once you take part in. Ha Giang Khau Vai love market , also known as ” affluent market ” has been a long time in Ha Giang. Market is where lovers meet again after finding distant time, due to failed love affair they’ve been apart. Khau Vai commune located in a beautiful valley in Meo Vac , Ha Giang ; surrounded by towering mountains , far more than a bit of the tip Ma Pi Leng smoke year round .

Ha Giang Khau Vai love market is a place for people to come together, after a year (and probably years) apart, mainly those who have not gotten together, now everyone has their own destiny. Yes this day, they agreed to meet on here to talk to, inform each other of one’s own life, the emotional review , but that the distant memory. There are lots of couples together to market ; arrive, go find your wife, husband, wife seeking her husband ‘s friend , they are not jealous, but respect each other, respect for your wife, your husband, they considered it a sacred duty and responsibility accountable to the spiritual life mate. But that authorization, the moment “out -law, his wife ” and was only allowed to take place in that market day.

Khau Vai market at night
The market mostly to lovers of ethnic : Tay, Nung , Giay from Ban Nam commune, Son Seal, Ivory Tat, Lung Pu, Son Vi Phung Thuong, from the communes in Bao Lac ( Cao Bang ) to . This special meeting is fair only once a year on year to Mar. 27 lunar everyone’s busy , excited , joyful to get to the fair. Although uninhabited mountain Market 30km – 40km but they still try to go early to meet again after many years away from the old ways .
How often fair well in crowded, tourists from all over flock to the market. Here it sounded melodious praise you call love, passionate singing of the girls, as invites. Market situation really only begins when night falls, the big fire was lit, aromatic corn cans pouring wine spill on the large bowl, small bowl, that is when drops of blood alcohol concentration was warm in the night months 3 cold, they find themselves in the same situation after a painful year, full of longing .

preparation for-Khau-Vai-love-market
The first day of the market session is for the ceremony to turn into the new calendar period. On this day, at a selected hour, people take a bath and put on their best clothes in anticipation of the New Year. They bring incense, lamps, flowers and fruits to a pagoda where they join the great calendar-receiving ceremony. Then the official ceremony is carried out inside the sanctuary. After that, every participant prays to the Buddha and chant prayers for a happy new year. Young persons walk out to the pagoda yard and join in fun activities till late at night. The second day is for the ceremony to offer boiled rice and heap up a sandy mountain. Every Khmer family cooks rice and offers it to Buddhist monks at the pagoda in early morning and at noon. In the afternoon, people start to heap up a sandy mountain for seeking happiness and luck. They make small mountains in eight directions and one in the middle reflects the universe. This custom originates from an age-old legend. It displays people’s aspirations for rain. On the third day of the market, there comes the ceremony to wash the Buddha’s statue and Buddhist monks. In the afternoon, they burn incense, offer sacrifices and use scented water to wash the statue in order to pay tribute and gratitude to the Buddha. This is also to get rid of the old year’s misfortunes and wish all the best for the New Year. After that, people return to their house and wash the Buddha’s statue at home. They offer dishes, confectionery and fruits to ask for happiness for their parents and grandparents and being forgiven for their mistakes made in the previous year.

on the way to Khau Vai Love market
At the market they used singing , praise language to express his feelings . Together they confide the happiness, sadness , difficulties of life in distant time for each other . To then lights out , the wine has run out , the market was melting , parting hour had come , along the road , along the mountain slopes , cliffs Bin rin each couple separated . They met on the dating market day the following year . Now, they return home , duties and obligations of husbands and wives continue their daily lives , not jealous , not hate .
Referring to Ha Giang can not not mention the Khau Vai love market . Fair meeting only once a year on March 27 lunar everyone should expect after a year of hard work . And you ‘re ready to Ha Giang Tourist yet? Ha Giang is the spring season in the freezing air , cherry , apricot blossom , plum blossom brilliant and famous love market sessions . Surely this would be the translation of tourism that you can not forget and also don’t forget to have a look at other Interesting Ha Giang Markets. You’ll be surprised!