Why Homestay in Ha Giang?

For an authentic Ha Giang experience, a daily hiking around this amazing region sound, living with an authentic Vietnamese family in their authentic home must be what is all about. You then get to experience true Ha Giang accommodation and hospitality by staying in the home of one of the families of the friendly and accommodating locals. However, what you’re gonna read below can persuade you to stay with a local. 

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You Will Enrich Your Cultural Experiences
There is no better way to get an inside understanding about a culture than living with locals. When choosing a homestay in Ha Giang, you will immerse yourself into the culture of ethnic people, witness how they live on a daily basis, how they communicate, celebrate and dress up. They are all the things every traveler hopes for.
You Don’t Feel Lost And Lonely In A New Place
Locals in Ha Giang are very friendly. Want to spend someday in one’s house? Just ask, they will let you in immediately. Likewise, the friendliness of Ha Giang people also makes you feel like visiting an acquaintance from another community and culture. Therefore, it gives you the comfort of both a hotel and a home.

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You Have Change To Try “Real” Traditional Foods
This is one of the most important aspects for any travel-lust because you get to eat what the local populace eats on a regular basis. In hotels, the food you get is usually not as bona fide and regional since it is typically westernized to suit the fundamental taste of visitors.
It’s Much Much Cheaper
They’re cheaper when compared to the experiences and services they offer. Hotels can get pretty damn expensive and if they’re the low-priced ones, they are usually not too clean and hygienic.
A Home-Stay, On The Other Hand, Gives You Personalized Services.
Hotels tend to be highly professional with high-end managers, reception desks and too many visitors. If you need some tailored adjustments in the stuff you like to eat, it’s easy to work that out. You are treated as guests, not as clients.
Living In A Homestay Is Cool And Different.
Living in a hotel is sometimes too commonplace and boring. One of the finest aspects is that they generate income for the local people and you’d feel good for having done something for the natives of the place you’re travelling to. It’s a fruitful effort towards the direction of eco-tourism.

Your Trip Is Instructed By Best Tour Guides
One of the things any traveler fantasizes about is trekking in the majestic but dangerous mountains in Ha Giang. However, everything will go easy in case you are instructed by a local people who you live with. They will instruct you to pass through small rickety villages, stare down at immense valleys, and watch the scenery change.

The hospitality you receive will be so endearing and unforgettable the only painful aspect of your stay will be the moment it comes to say goodbye. You can go on with your travelling plans safe in the knowledge that you have just experienced some genuinely authentic moments of education, and that your head is now full of treasured memories that will last inside there for the rest of your lifetime. Don’t hesitate to experience. Everything ‘s worth to explore. If you want to see more, Join our Destinations to be clear.