Are you curious of “Back fairs” in Ha Giang?

Instead of 7 days to take a session, the fair will have a meeting taking place every 6 days, the next week will be shorter to have another fair from the previous week. There are only four markets having such special traits on Ha Giang Stone Plateau.
In Ha Giang, there are many markets that almost day of the week you can also keep track of its session. Coming to fair is very interesting because the fair is the vivid and clearest daily life images of the ethnic people in Ha Giang.

chợ lùi Hà Giang
Market Session’s from about 5am till 3 – 4 pm.The children from high mountain villages slave tingle down to market. From dawn, we can see the distant horses shadow. Some go by motorcyclists to the market, some lead the horse, walk, some take the family, the other go with friends, or with her husband and son to the market.
Everybody loose on their most impulses beautiful dresses, packing behind everything, bringing to the market. Chickens and pigs feet slurred under their feet, from dresses, scarves to knife sharpening, bundle of vegetables freshly picked from the garden. They exchange: selling the things they brought to the market, and buy this things to other things. The kids get to delight in playing at the fair. Children huddled with friends, some children look after the goods with their mother and even infants also are strapped at the market. Their shout and yell of playing make the market become turmoil. During the fair, there are the market days which fix day meetings and other market fairs is back. Meeting fixed markets include: Market Ma Lé has morning session on every Saturday. Yen Minh, Dong Van and Meo Vac market meet on every Sunday morning. Meanwhile Lung Phin Market, Sa Phin, Pho Bang and Pho Cao are “back fairs”

back market-ha-giang
Fair is a fair backward rotating meetings once a week and the following week back a day from the previous week. For example, this week, it opens on 1st, next time, it must be 7th, but in the next week, it is 13th, not 14th as usual. Or this week the market has meeting on Sunday, the next week will be meeting on Saturday, will be meeting next week on Friday, next week will be meeting again on Thursday …
If the market with back style, it’s hard to determine the exact dates because the market for high-deviation. But there is a different way to speculate properly market day and this is also how the people of the highland peoples do. But it is said 6 days a fair is exact, instead of 7 days a session as other markets.
Here is how a fair back calendar only in the highlands of Ha Giang calculated:
Lung Phin Market: On every Tiger – Monkey Day.
Sa Phin Market: On every Snake Day – Pig Day.
Pho Bang Market: On every Rat – Horse Day.
Pho Cao: On every Dragon – Dog Day. (according to Vietnamese lunar calendar)

Ha Giang back fairs
The Fair begins to end at noon. The baskets were filled with the essential goods, transporting horses are full of goods on top, followed by a drunk husband and a quiet wife. Such simple fair is the main idyllic lives of the ethnic people uplands where ends of this country. If you are a real adventurous person, you must be interested in any kinds of Ha Giang Markets because each of them will have a very unique trait. Read more about attractive Ha Giang Destinations and Contact us if you get into any trouble.